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Total CommuteFit Miles in August = 21,986.89 miles walked and/or biked!

Congratulations to our August winners:

Madi G - Brigham and Women's Hospital
Quincey S - Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Megan G - Boston Children's Hospital

To inspire a healthier and happier year ahead, beginning January 2019, winners will have a choice of 2 gift cards ($25 value each) from REI, AMC Theatres, or Shaw's Star Market! Buy some new commuting gear, escape at the movies, or buy yourself some healthy food to start of the year on the right foot! 

CommuteFit is a fun incentive program that rewards LMA commuters who include walking, running, or biking in their daily commutes.

This program aims to reduce vehicle miles traveled and improve personal health by using your own muscle power to walk or bike as any part of your daily commute. Keep track of those miles and submit your monthly totals to CommuteWorks to be eligible for a monthly drawing for one of three $50 gift cards.

It doesn’t matter if you walk or bike one mile or twenty miles a day, or all the way to work or just to the nearest transit station. If you are walking or biking for any portion of your commute, you can register for CommuteFit and start keeping track of your miles. CommuteFit participants are also eligible to register for the Emergency Ride Home Program.

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Ramya from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute says: "I like the CommuteFit program because it keeps me motivated to spend time walking or biking. In a world where we end up staying within air-conditioned rooms and vehicles through most of the day, walking and biking gives me access to natural air and helps me clear my head."