CommuteWorks is dedicated to helping LMA employees find the most sustainable, stress-free and cost-effective commuting options.   

Commute with Enterprise and Yes We Van are the vendors we work with to bring you vanpooling options. 

Why consider vanpooling?

►Save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year: split the costs for the lease, gas, tolls and parking; the savings can be substantial compared to your current commute. Contact CommuteWorks to help calculate your estimated savings.
►Save more money! Your costs may be further reduced if your employer offers a vanpool subsidy.
►Save your vehicle (and even more money)! Reduce the wear and tear and associated costs that your vehicle incurs when you drive to work.
►Save your sanity! Tired of fighting traffic or losing personal space on transit? Use the time and extra elbow room to relax or get work done.
►Short commitment: only a 30-day notice is required if you need to drop out for most programs. Additionally, Yes! We Van lets you try their vanpools from the south shore three times for free before committing.

Still not sure if vanpooling is the right commute option for you?
Visit our FAQ page for more information

Additional benefits for vanpool commuters:
►Eligible for Emergency Ride Home
►May purchase up to 5 discounted ($5) daily off-site parking passes each month

Who do I contact?
►CommuteWorks can put you in touch with either of the vanpool vendors, or you can contact them below:
►Commute with Enterprise: 1-800-VAN-4-WORK or
►Yes! We Van: 1-304-GO-BY-VAN or