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Schedules for all routes are available by choosing your route from the Shuttle Routes menu and selecting the Schedule and Stop you wish to view.

If you would prefer to keep or print paper copies of any of the schedules, please feel free to reference the links below. They are formatted to print to standard size paper.

Please note that Shuttle Schedules are subject to change, and you should always check online to assure that you have the most current version of the Shuttle Schedule. Additionally, all printed times are meant to be approximate, as traffic and other factors may impact the exact time a bus may arrive. Please check the Live Map for the current location of any bus.

M2 - Vanderbilt - Weekday

M2 - Harvard Square - Weekday

M2 - Vanderbilt - Saturday

M2 - Harvard Square - Saturday


Chestnut Hill - AM

Chestnut Hill - PM


Havard Chan School of Public Health Landmark Shuttle





Mid-Day Combo Inbound to LMA

Mid-Day Combo Outbound to Wentworth/Ruggles/JFK


Ruggles - AM

Ruggles - PM - BWH

Ruggles - PM - BIDMC


Fenway - AM

Fenway - MID

Fenway - MID - Express

Fenway - PM


Fenway - MID - Red Sox - Boylston

Fenway - MID - Red Sox - Brookline

Fenway - PM - Red Sox - Boylston

Fenway - PM - Red Sox - Brookline


Wentworth - AM

Wentworth - PM