In this busy area, which is also a through-route to downtown and crosstown destinations, continuous improvements to the transportation network are essential to keep the LMA accessible, with patients’ needs paramount. MASCO area planning completes studies and makes physical improvements for the benefit of pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and those who drive to the area. We work with the MBTA to advocate for service improvements and represent the LMA at state and city transportation forums. We also run the LMA’s transportation management association, CommuteWorks.

MBTA Rider Census
The MBTA has launched the MBTA Rider Census, a system-wide passenger survey, at The results of the census play an important role in planning future service and ensuring service is provided fairly.  The census is a short survey about you and the trips you make using the MBTA. The MBTA is required to survey its riders every five years to gather this information. 

The MBTA will use the results of the census to plan future service and to ensure service is provided fairly. Make sure you’re represented!  Please take a few minutes to fill out the census online at All answers are confidential.

Alert: New Traffic Patterns at Sears Rotary starting in December 2015
Please note that there will be a new traffic pattern at the Sears Rotary starting December 5, 2015. The jughandle to Park Avenue will be permanently closed.  All traffic on Brookline Avenue inbound (towards Kenmore Square/Bowker Overpass) will now turn left onto Park Drive directly from the intersection with Park Avenue and Boylston Street.  All traffic on the Riverway inbound (towards Emmanuel College) can now turn left onto Park Avenue directly via a new roadway connection in front of the Landmark Center.  Please see the diagrams below. All sidewalks abutting the project site will remain open to pedestrians. The new traffic pattern accommodates the next phase of construction and will be in place for the next several months. Please note that this may impact travel times for the Fenway shuttle.

New Winter MBTA Schedules Include Added Service to the LMA

The new winter schedules released by the MBTA include an added outbound trip of the Route 47 bus from the LMA to Central Square in Cambridge.  There are now nine Route 47 outbound buses serving the LMA between 4:00 PM and 6:30 PM.  The MBTA has also added approximately 180 seats to Worcester/Framingham train 506 which is scheduled to arrive at Yawkey Station at 8:04 AM each morning.  Please use our MBTA Service Feedback Form to share your transit experiences with us.

State Plan for Transportation
MassDOT’s Capital Investment Plan for FY2014-FY2018 sets forth a unified, multi-modal capital investment plan for transportation in Massachusetts.  This plan was partially funded by the Transportation Finance Act of 2013, passed by the Legislature to provide additional funding for critical projects such as Red Line and Orange Line replacement cars to address the safety and maintenance of our roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.  It was preceded by the restructuring and reform of the transportation agencies serving the Commonwealth, which included abolishment of the Turnpike Authority, reform of MBTA pensions to align it with the state system, and moving MassDOT employees off of the capital budget and back onto the regular payroll to free funds for road and bridge maintenance. 

While an important step forward in bettering the transportation system, the Transportation Finance Act of 2013 addressed a $2 billion need with only an $800 million funding package.  Please see the documents and websites below for more information on the needs of the transportation system in Massachusetts.

New Commuter Rail Platforms and Service
Yawkey Station rendering

Additional transit services are essential as LMA employees continue to shift from driving to public transportation. MASCO has completed planning and design studies and advocated for new commuter rail platforms and services at Yawkey and Ruggles Stations, the nearest stations to Longwood for commuters. As a result, the developer of Fenway Center is building a new Yawkey Station, with construction scheduled to be completed November 2013. MASCO teamed with LMA institutions, area businesses, community groups and state and city officials to secure state economic stimulus funding for the station.  The MBTA is completing the next phase of planning for Ruggles Station in their current capital program with design scheduled for completion this year.

Muddy River Daylighting

The Army Corps of Engineers, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department are working together to restore this missing link of the Emerald Necklace when this section of the Muddy River is “daylighted” – exposed to sunlight for the first time in 7 decades. Reinstating the original depth and width of the river, rebuilding the riverbanks to their intended size with native, non-invasive species and enlarging the culverts beneath Brookline Avenue will reduce severe flooding and enable the ecosystem to better withstand heavy rainfalls.

Existing Conditions
End Conditions

Click on the links below to see presentations from January 31, 2013:

Traffic Signal Improvements
MASCO developed a multi-year plan for signal corridor improvements on Longwood and Brookline Avenues, Ruggles Street, the Fenway, Boylston Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. We studied signal timing at more than 30 intersections in these key corridors to or in the LMA, and with the approval of public agencies, invested in physical improvements. In 2010, public agencies partnered to complete a third phase of this work using state stimulus funding.

Study to Improve Bus Service
MBTA bus
MASCO completed a study of existing bus services to the LMA to find out if there are better routes, times and stops to serve LMA commuters. Funded by MASCO, this project was a collaboration between MASCO, MassDOT, the MBTA and the city; the results will be used to improve service and reduce traffic congestion.

Urban Ring
MASCO has completed over $750,000 in privately-funded studies to match publicly funded evaluations of a future crosstown transit service to significantly improve access to the LMA. Envisioned to provide new commuter rail connections for those traveling from the suburbs and new fast bus connections for city commuters, the route would link Roxbury and Dorchester, Boston Medical Center, Northeastern University and the LMA to Harvard, biotechnology facilities in Kendall Square and residents of Cambridge, Somerville, Everett and Chelsea. MASCO has partnered with other organizations in the city to advocate for this new service and secure public funding to advance planning studies.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accommodations
Pedestrian and bicycle studies are underway as part of ongoing efforts to make the LMA more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. We have mapped bicycle parking locations, identified shortages and worked with members and the city to create more than 500 new bike parking spaces in the last two years. We also jointly planned with the City a new bike lane on Brookline Ave. The bike work was implemented in 2014 with private funding, and we are now working on Longwood Ave. bike accomodations. For more information on walking or biking to the LMA, see CommuteWorks.

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