For years, MASCO members have worked individually to lessen their environmental impact exemplified by the fact that the LMA has the highest concentration of LEED Buildings in the city. MASCO expands this by bringing institutions together to share best practices and expertise, identify issues and develop solutions to increase environmental sustainability. By working together to harness the unique strengths of health care, research, academic, cultural and religious organizations, we aim to make the LMA a model of environmental stewardship.

By learning from one another, the pace of change is accelerated and joint solutions emerge. Initiatives include information sharing and technical assistance on best practices in waste reduction through increasing composting and recycling; sustainable purchasing, including food; energy conservation/greenhouse gas reduction; and metrics.

To learn more about sustainability efforts in the LMA see Green@LMA or contact MASCO Area Planning at 617-632-2846.


Saving Money

Pest Management Contract
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