Longwood Medical Area (LMA) Active Emergency

In the event of an emergency that may impact the Longwood Medical and Academic area, MASCO or member institutions distribute emergency alerts via the LMA Alert System. The LMA text notification system is a web-based messaging network that provides key LMA institution contacts with critical information and emergency notification. The system allows messages to be sent simultaneously to all mobile devices – pagers, cell phones, PDA’s and desktops with all carrier networks. The system is facilitated by MASCO Call Center operators and operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Simultaneously the emergency information is also broadcast over the LMA Emergency Communication Network (ECN) Radio. The ECN Radio is a dedicated UHF radio system that operates 24-hours a day and consists of a network of base stations located at the primary security dispatch locations of all LMA institutions. MASCO holds an FCC license for the system and owns the repeater located in the area.

MASCO also distributes traffic, construction activity and shuttle advisories. Please see advisories for information.