LMA Conditions

MASCO staff monitor the local news, traffic, and weather reports for potential impacts to the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA) and send advisories to provide advance notification. To be added to the advisory list, please email us. During extreme weather MASCO hires police details to keep intersections clear and maintain emergency vehicular access. For a description of weather related impacts and service updates, please see the list below. 

Weather (National Weather Service)
Muddy River Water Levels (US Geological Survey)
School and College Closings (WBZ News)
Traffic (here.com)
Snow Emergency Alternative Parking (City of Boston)
Snow Emergency Towing (City of Boston)
MBTA Service
MASCO Shuttles
MASCO Parking
MASCO Child Care Services


Weather (National Weather Service):

The National Weather Service has an office in Boston/Taunton, Massachusetts that provides hourly updates on local weather. It also provides extreme weather advisories on hazardous weather outlooks and wind chill. This is information that might impact commuting to the LMA, facility operations and transportation.




Muddy River Water Levels (US Geological Survey):

The US Geological Survey provides live flood information for the Muddy River located in Boston’s Emerald Necklace adjacent to the LMA. The River reaches flood stage (measured at 15' above Charles River parameter of 100’ below sea level), occasionally affecting local properties and the D Branch of the Green Line. Click here for information on the River's current level. The US Army Corps of Engineers is currently engaged in a Muddy River flood control and habitat restoration project. (For more information, please see the USACE website.)


School and College Closings (WBZ News):

Follow this link to keep abreast of Massachusetts schools closings.


Traffic (Here.com):

Here.com allows you to map your route between home and work with the option of alternate routes depending on traffic conditions. Live traffic problems can be mapped or listed including accidents, road hazards and construction.



Snow Emergency Alternative Parking (City of Boston):

This website provides information on alternative parking options in local garages in the event that the City declares a snow emergency and street parking is prohibited on major arteries. Discounted parking is available to cars with Boston resident parking stickers.



Snow Emergency Towing (City of Boston):

In the event of heavy snowfall, if you have to drive, do not park on the street or your car may be towed. If you believe your vehicle has been towed this link is a good place to start. Go to the City's database and search by your license plate number.


MBTA Service (MBTA):

This link to the MBTA’s Severe Weather webpage provides basic information on protocol during severe weather events and the ability to sign up for T-Alerts.

Online winter information can be found at the MBTA's winter resource hub: mbta.com/winter. Use this site as your source for information on the MBTA’s service during the winter months.

During routine winter weather, including severe cold and moderate snow, the MBTA will operate regular schedules. In some instances, buses may operate on Snow Routes or have minor delays. Remember to check T-Alerts regularly for updates.


MASCO Shuttles:

Traffic and shuttle advisories are routinely distributed by MASCO via email to the institutional parking/transportation offices for distribution to their employees, patients, visitors, and students, and are posted on MASCO’s home page. Shuttle Advisories are also posted on our Real-time Shuttle Locator website.



MASCO Parking:

For information regarding any MASCO parking facility, please call (617) 632-2800 during normal business hours.

For information regarding the 375 Longwood garage, you can reach the facility manager at (617) 632-2881 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For information for all other institutional and satellite parking facilities, see the MASCO Parking website for contact numbers for each of the individual parking facilities.



The Center is usually open on stormy days. We ask parents to allow time for safe commuting. Children may be grouped together for breakfast and early morning play while staff arrive.  During times of severe weather conditions more information can be found below:
• Call 617-632-2827, press # 6 for Center Update. The message is updated throughout the day. Or Call 632-2310, MASCO’s main number.
• Channel 7 offers a “Snow Day Alert”  that will notify you on your cell phone as soon as your school is closed or delayed because of a storm.  To access the “Snow Day Alert” go to the WHDH website and follow the instructions on the page.

• You will need to input your cell phone number, the name of your carrier and can then choose the schools or organizations you are interested in hearing about.
• If you have any questions you can contact closings@whdh.com or call 1-877-316-5990




To check the status of flights arriving and departing from Boston Logan Airport, Worcester Regional Airport and L.G. Hanscom Field, the Massport website provides a flight tracker search engine. You will need either a flight number or the airline and city of origin to use this service.