Joint Operations Center (JOC)

In an emergency, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, the Longwood Medical and Academic area (LMA) Joint Operations Center (JOC) – an area-wide command center where personnel from area institutions meet together and with public authorities -- can be activated to provide a coordinated response. The LMA Joint Operations Center (JOC) has a designated primary location in the LMA, as well as a back-up secondary location. In an emergency, JOC staff members provide event situational awareness, serve as a liaison with first-responder agencies and coordinates LMA resources. The center is equipped with several computers, an overhead projector, fax, phones, Emergency Communication Network (ECN) radios, other emergency communication devices, maps, status boards and emergency plans and protocols.

If the Boston Medical Intelligence Center (MIC) is activated, a trained representative will report to the Boston MIC to suport the coordination of health and medical response efforts with city healthcare partners and first responder agencies.