Committee on Security

MASCO’s Longwood Medical and Academic Area Committee on Security (LMACS) is made up of member institution public safety/security directors and supervisors. Members meet with city and state law enforcement partners to review safety issues in and around the LMA.

By coming together to review the latest crime data and trends, LMACS members can share best practices and review public safety programs and initiatives. The committee also serves as a forum for members and law enforcement partners to develop partnership programs and joint training opportunities.

Recent activities included sexual assault training with Boston Police and the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, workplace violence training with Massachusetts State Police and awareness training on the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) and Real-Time Crime Center.

Boston Police, State Police and Transit Police have participated in recent emergency tabletop exercises along with LMA institution public safety/security departments to review current security plans and identify training programs for further development.


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