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Compared to drivers of vehicles, what are bicyclists' rights and responsibilities, under Massachusetts law?

Rights and responsibilities


Cyclists have the same road rights as motorists ONLY if no sidewalk or adjacent trail exists. On all roads, they must follow the rules applicable to a motorist.

Cyclists have the same legal rights to be on the road as motorists. They are ENCOURAGED but are not required to follow motorist laws. Cyclists should bike defensively.

Cyclists have neither the same rights nor rules as motorists, but they are allowed to bike on roads.

Cyclists have the same rights and have to follow the same rules as cars. Under Massachusetts state law, cyclists can legally pass cars on the right. 
Cyclists are also legally allowed to ride on the sidewalk outside of central business districts if it is important for safety and does not conflict with local laws. Cyclists can also ride "2 abreast" on a road with more than 1 lane.