March 15, 2019: A Sure Sign of Spring

A sure sign of Spring is the announcement that the Community Supported Agriculture programs are revving up!

Bowdoin Street Health Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) announce the return of the 2019 Farm to Family CSA Program to BIDMC employees and members of the Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization (MASCO) community.  As supporters of locally grown produce and food equity, they encourage you to sign up for a farm box and/or donate today!

Please note the following update for the 2019 season:

  • There will be no West Campus pick up site this year.  Former West Campus participants should consider picking up a box at BIDMC East site located on Shapiro Plaza.

2019 Farm to Family CSA Program – Do Good and Eat Well!

Since 2010, this unique workplace community supported agriculture (CSA) program has accomplished the following objectives:

  • Increased affordable access to fresh and local produce for low-income families in Dorchester through sponsorship of subsidized boxes
  • Supported local farmer’s start-up costs through early investment in farm box shares
  • Provided BIDMC and MASCO employees with a convenient opportunity to receive a weekly farm box of locally grown produce during the summer and fall

Great Produce, Great Value

Sharon based Ward’s Berry Farm is returning to deliver its great variety of fresh produce to Farm to Family participants every Wednesday from June 19 through October 9. Farm boxes will be made available for pick up between 12 noon - 3:00 pm at a convenient pick-up site of your choosing.

To appreciate the value of the CSA Program, consider the following sample farm box:

1 bunch kale, 4 ears of corn, 1lb green beans, 2lb tomatoes, 1 cantaloupe, 1 bunch of carrots, 4 sweet peppers, 6 jalapeno peppers, and 1 watermelon.

While produce items will vary from week to week depending on seasonality, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value on locally grown produce in the area.

Farm Box Options

  • Farm Box plus Sponsorship: At $480, cost includes 16 weeks of fresh produce valued at $24 per box plus a donation of $96 to support the purchase of a farm box by low-income families in Dorchester.
  • Farm Box Only: At $384, cost covers 16 weeks of fresh produce valued at $24 per box

Sponsor a Family

Sponsorships are a core component of the Farm to Family CSA Program and vital to its ongoing success. In addition to or in lieu of purchasing a farm box, please consider making a donation today that will support the purchase of a subsidized farm box by participating families during the 2019 season.

Your donation of:

  • $32 will provide a subsidized farm box for 2 weeks
  • $64 will provide a subsidized farm box for 4 weeks
  • $96 will provide a subsidized farm box for 6 weeks
  • $128 will provide a subsidized farm box for 8 weeks (half season)
  • $256 will provide a subsidized farm box for 16 weeks (full season)


The above scale represents suggested donation amounts. You may also donate a nominal amount that works for you in the Additional Tax-Deductible Donation field on the registration form. No donation is too big or too small to support fresh food access for families in need!

Register Online!

2019 Farm to Family CSA Program registration is just a click away. To sign up for a farm box or to make a donation, please complete our online registration form. Important registration dates to remember include:

  • Wednesday Feb 27, 2019 – Farm box registration and donation period begins.
  • Friday June 13, 2019 - Farm box registration deadline.
  • Sunday June 30, 2019 – Donation period deadline. Donations will be accepted through the end of June. We thank you for your thoughtful consideration!

Please visit the Farm to Family webpage at for more information about the 2019 Farm to Family CSA Program.

Questions? Contact Grantley Payne at or 617-754-0026.