Winsor’s Lubin-O’Donnell Center Brightens the LMA


The Winsor School’s beautiful new building on Brookline Avenue, the Lubin-O’Donnell Center, is a mixed-use facility and serves as the new home for the performing arts, athletics and wellness education at the center of Winsor’s historic campus. The building features a new 515-seat theater, which serves as the school’s main assembly space, as well as major athletic and recreation facilities, including a two-court gymnasium, squash courts and physical education spaces. Other program elements include rehearsal and teaching areas for drama, dance, music and health and wellness.

Students and visitors enter the center and first encounter the music rehearsal room, dance studio and drama studio, all of which were soundproofed and constructed with acoustic barriers so a music class won’t interfere with a play rehearsal or a dance practice.

Located just beyond the performing arts studios on the ground floor are fitness rooms complete with cardiovascular equipment, weight machines and spin cycles; a wellness room for yoga and pilates on the mezzanine; and the huge gymnasium and squash courts on the upper floors. A glass connector links the new center with Winsor's original 1910 schoolhouse, updated itself with a new innovation lab and state-of-the-art classrooms.

The building is in the process of obtaining LEED certification and features many “green” elements built into the mechanical and energy control systems. An underground 30,000 gallon tank catches rainwater overflow which is then used for irrigation on the campus.

During the planning for the project, Winsor staff and their architectural firm consulted extensively with neighboring schools in the LMA to get a sense of their potential needs for athletic, performing arts and rehearsal spaces. The Winsor School offers facility and meeting space rentals to teams and community groups. For more information on available facilities please click here.