Traveling Soon? We Can Save You Money

We don’t sit still!!

As major healthcare and academic institutions in the region, we seek solutions, we learn, and explore, and we share our gifts with the world. We are world travelers, and do we travel!!

Right now - at this very moment - there are over 1 million people in the air; and they are just a tiny number of the estimated 6+ billion people who will travel for business and leisure in 2014. And with an improving economy and greater corporate confidence, the number of travelers is expected to grow.  

But….MASCO Services, Inc. (MSI) is here to help!

The MASCO Travel Program, an important core business for MSI, contracts directly with travel providers to bring the benefits of a very large account, (through aggregated travel spend), to all member institutions.

“The individual traveler has access to significant savings in all travel areas, especially air transportation through the preferred agency gateway. Discounts can be as large as 60% depending on routing and fare class,” said Susan Chase, MSI’s Director of Collaborative Services. 

To access discounts, you must work directly with one of your institution’s preferred agencies; many institutions provide several options including agent assist and online booking. MSI agency options can be found here, but check with your institution’s travel manager for specific information.

Supporting the international nature of our institutions, MSI contracts with several airlines that travel to every imaginable destination on earth. Check out our recent addition of Emirates Airlines direct service from Boston to Dubai, the world’s busiest international hub city with 150 airlines serving 260 destinations across six continents. In addition, our close relationship with the One World Alliance offers deep discounts as varied as shuttle flights to NY and Washington D.C. on AA to Narita or Heathrow via JAL and British Airways. Travelling to South America or a direct flight to San Francisco, check out our Jet Blue flat fares! If Toronto is your destination, access downtown in minutes via Porter Airlines unique – and convenient – island airport adjacent to the city.

Boston Children’s Hospital has found MASCO’s travel program an excellent resource. "As a single facility Boston Children’s Hospital does not accumulate enough travel to give us bargaining power, yet being part of the MASCO group allows us to leverage the usage of the whole group to reduce our budget and increase the quality of service and advantages for our employees," said Nicole Collens, BCH Travel Manager. "Additionally, MASCO’s travel program gives us access to a network of individuals with similar needs to our own to call upon when making difficult policy decisions. Through the help of the MASCO travel program, Boston Children’s was able to bring in Egencia to help manage and centralize our travel program, which was in need of enhancement. This has helped us create a more organized, streamlined program that management can easily monitor and our Finance Department can closely govern," she added. 

If rail is your thing, utilize our Acela discounts in the northeast corridor, or rent a car through Enterprise for an hour, a day, or longer!
Click here to go to the MASCO Travel program and get all the information you need to save money on your next trip.