Fewer Drive Alone With Better Commuting Options

With 46,000+ employees in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area, getting to and from work and how we get to and from work can be a big part of our day. MASCO works continuously with its member institutions to create new options and provide incentives for commuters to try other modes when commuting to the LMA.

Just 15 years ago 47% of LMA employees drove alone to work. Today, only 29% do so. In 2002 only 5% of employees walked to work and today that has doubled to 10%. And despite the public transit breakdown-armageddon of Winter 2015, we as a community have retained our transit share and drive alone rates of 48% and 29% respectively.

MASCO’s hard working Commuteworks staff credits our steady progress to the commuting coordinators at our member institutions with helping to spread the word on all the different incentive programs offered to commuters and promoting our CommuteFit programs.   And, as a matter of bragging rights, members of the LMA commuting community are doing far better than the average Boston commuter. According to the City of Boston’s GoBoston2030 data, 39% still drive alone, 2% bike, and 34% use public transit. The City’s GoBoston2030 effort is laser-focused on increasing their overall numbers by 1/3 before 2030.

Interested in trying a new way to commute? Check out all the options and programs offered by MASCO’s Commuteworks at https://www.masco.org/directions/commuteworks