Renovations for the Future of Boston Children’s Hospital

After a diligent 5 year process, late last year Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) was granted approval of their Institutional Master Plan (IMP) by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Boston Zoning Commission.

“This is a very exciting time for BCH as we begin to execute our plans for major improvements to clinical services and the functionality of our campus,” said Charles Weinstein, Esq., BCH’s vice president for real estate and development.
The plan consists of three real estate components:  an additional level of parking to the hospital’s garage on the corner of Longwood and Blackfan Circle that will add 86 spaces; development of the surface parking lot at 819 Beacon Street into an 8-story, 232,000 square foot multi-use building which will house administrative staff, finance, information systems and real estate; and the new Boston Children’s Clinical Building, (BCCB), which will be built along Shattuck Street where it meets Meadow Lane.

The BCCB, the largest component of the plan, will rise eleven stories and have floor tie-ins at every level of the hospital’s existing clinical footprint.

“The BCCB is really the cornerstone of this plan, and when completed, will enable us to provide greatly enhanced care to our patients. We’ll complete the process of undoubling semi-private rooms to private rooms, and create space for a larger and upgraded NICU. When children are sick we don’t just care for the child, but for the whole family, and as such greater space and privacy is crucial to the healing process,” said Weinstein.

In addition to the IMP, which focuses on bricks and mortar, BCH has a detailed Green Spaces Master Plan that sets out a new approach to incorporating green and open spaces throughout the hospital's campus. 

“Working with architects, we have developed a new vision for open spaces within our Longwood Campus. The plan's goal is to develop a variety of spaces, many of which will be accessible year round, be integrated throughout the campus and its buildings and include natural features (plants, materials and lighting) that will support healing, stress reduction and social interaction,” added Weinstein.

Based on the plan, the BCCB design will include a new ground floor garden on the Fegan Plaza adjacent to the BCCB's interior courtyard/dining area, with large windows looking out to the garden and play area. The new ground floor garden will preserve the character and many of the features and statues of the Prouty Garden. In addition, several other green spaces are planned for the proposed BCCB: a three-story interior garden on the sixth floor, an exterior rooftop terrace on the ninth floor and an interior sanctuary on the top floor.