Recycling and Waste Reduction Campaign aims to promote health & costs savings

At the beginning of April, leading up to Earth Day on April 22nd, MASCO members kicked off an area-wide recycling and waste reduction campaign. The campaign, which originated in the Sustainability Leaders Group, highlights the benefits of recycling and reminds the audience that every individual action matters and can have a significant impact.

“We’re very excited to be a part of this campaign, and to support greater efforts to “get greener” in the LMA,” said Amy Lipman, Sustainability Manager for BIDMC.  “As a member of the MASCO Sustainability Committee, I’m proud of the work we’re doing, and really thrilled that we’ve launched this cross-institutional campaign,” she added.

Messages include statements such as “Recycling 6 aluminum cans can save enough energy to run a laptop for a month” and “Recycling saves energy and reduces air contaminants associated with cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.” All statements were vetted by a consultant.

The campaign aims to tie into and strengthen existing member programs, as well as MASCO’s new outdoor recycling program. Look for posters on MASCO shuttle buses and member bulletin boards and portals and visit for more information and to sign a pledge to recycle more and waste less.