MASCO's "Meet Your Match" Event Connects Carpoolers

On April 18, CommuteWorks hosted an event for Longwood area employees who drive to work and might be looking for a carpool partner. Meet Your Match was held at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and attracted over 50 attendees and more than 30 drivers interested in finding their perfect match.

Commuters identified on a color-coded map where they commute from and included additional information so that other attendees could contact them if they had similar commuting schedules. Emily Breitbart, CommuteWorks Coordinator, hosted the event and helped guide interested and reticent attendees. Helpful information about carpooling options, parking, and more was available to anyone who stopped by, not to mention Tatte desserts and gift cards for the first few lucky attendees.

Watertown, Peabody, and Weymouth are a few towns where multiple employees drive in from. Those who attended the event will be able to contact other attendees and set up a carpool. The colored-in map is below:

We are thrilled to receive this wonderful feedback from a "Meet Your Match" attendee:

“I found a colleague working in my building complex who has a similar schedule and can be a second carpool partner for me, on days when my primary carpool partner doesn’t work or when I need to work slightly later hours. This will make transportation to work less stressful and more affordable overall.” –HMS employee

CommuteWorks is a free benefit for employees of MASCO member institutions that aims to make commutes as stress-free and efficient as possible. As the Transportation Management Association for the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA), CommuteWorks helps employees and students better plan their commutes with information about MBTA, ridesharing, shuttle, walking and biking options.