MASCO's New Fleet of Shuttles Hit the Streets of the LMA!

On Monday, June 30th, LMA shuttle riders got a welcomed surprise - brand new buses to transport them around the LMA.

Reaction to the new fleet of shuttles has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some tweets we received:  "New buses are great. When I arrive at Vanderbilt hall, I didn't want to get off the bus and go work."

"Loving the new modern buses! So sleek and shiny!"

Whoa! Loving the new MASCO shuttles! What a great way to start the week!

With the help of a tax-exempt lease from MassDevelopment, MASCO purchased 30 Xcelsior clean diesel heavy-duty buses and seven new Krystal by ElDorado cut vans. 

“MASCO is committed to providing safe, comfortable and timely transportation to our riders, who represent 14 medical and academic institutions in the Longwood area,” said Marilyn-Swartz-Lloyd, President and CEO of MASCO. “They are hard-working, mission driven employees, so it is extremely important to us that we provide our riders the very best in transportation,” she said.

MASCO currently transports more than 12,000 riders each day across eleven different routes. The new buses are wholly owned and operated by MASCO.