MASCO Moves the LMA

Did you know.....

MASCO's Shuttle Service moves close to 13,000 people every day from transit hubs up to a mile away from the center of Longwood. 

Approximately 1,800 people ride the JFK Shuttle each day, connecting the Red Line and Commuter Rail to the LMA. 

MASCO's total annual system-wide ridership is 2.7 million passengers, which, if MASCO were a state agency, we would be tied with the SRTA (Southeast Regional Transit Authority) for 5th place for highest ridership in the State, behind only MBTA, PVTA, WRTA, & BAT (Pioneer Valley Transit Authority, Worcester Regional Transit Authority & Brockton Area Transit.).

The net savings of fuel (fuel our buses burn minus fuel that would be been burned in the LMA if people use personal vehicles) exceeds 330,000 gallons each year. That's enough fuel to fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool every two years. This savings offsets about 6 million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere each year or the equivalent of planting approximately 125,000 trees every single year.

If all the riders of the MASCO shuttles stood together, hand in hand, they would stretch from the LMA all the way to Harvard Yard!