MASCO launches Karma Commuting to promote safe commuting in the LMA

Getting in and out of the LMA can be stressful. Whether you drive, walk, take the T, cycle, or ride the shuttles, the sheer volume of commuters, residents, patients and students can cause commuting headaches.

The Karma Commuting Campaign was developed to support the installation of a new bike lane on Brookline Avenue, which is part of MASCO’s Transportation Vision. The campaign, which boasts the tagline “what comes around, goes around,” aims to positively reinforce the rules of the road, while providing reminders to commuters about the importance of the road rules, and sharing the road.

“Dana-Farber has between 100 and 150 employees who cycle to work on nice days,” notes Tim McAndrews, Parking and Transportation Coordinator for  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. “Brookline Ave. has long been an area our bikers would rather avoid, but with this new bike lane, they will now be able to safely navigate their way to any of our three secure bike cages. We are looking forward to the positive impact that MASCO’s Karma Commuting Campaign will have on our employees’ daily commute.”

“We wanted to remind people that we are all in this together, and we should respect each other and each individual’s choice of commuting options,” said Sarah Hamilton, Vice President of Area Planning and Development for MASCO.  “We also thought that putting a face on commuters would serve to remind people that we each play a very important role here in the LMA, whether we are students, researchers, food service workers, patients or health care professionals. We are all trying to get to our jobs or classes, and get home safely.”

With the goal of engaging the LMA community in the campaign, MASCO developed a page on its website dedicated to sharing information, resources, and soliciting good Karma Commuting stories from LMA commuters. Additionally, commuters are invited to take the “Rules of the Road Quiz” to test their knowledge, and the “Safe Commuting Pledge,” to practice and promote good commuting karma. All completed pledges are entered into a raffle to win two round-trip domestic airline tickets, or a $100 American Express Gift Card.