Making Biking Better

Biking in the LMA is becoming safer, simpler and more convenient, thanks to the combined efforts of bicyclists in the area, MASCO, its members and the city.

Better Routes, More Racks, Other Incentives
MASCO is working with city and state officials to improve bicycle access to the LMA. Short- and long-term projects include establishing connections to regional bike paths, adding more bicycle racks, and identification of future bike lane opportunities. MASCO’s CommuteWorks program has improved incentives for biking to work. Through CommuteFit, raffles for REI gift certificates and an emergency ride home program have all helped increase the number of people who use bikes to get to the LMA. CommuteWorks’ staff will also help bicycle commuters plan their bike route to work. 

Bike Week/Bike Breakfast
This year an estimated 750 LMA riders participated in Bay State Bike Week’s state-wide Commuter Challenge program ( from May 14 to 20. For a week, cyclists track miles biked for work and pleasure and submit them for recognition and a wide variety of prizes. In preparation, MASCO hosted three bike breakfasts including bike tune-ups, t-shirts, bagels, coffee and REI gift card raffles as well as two bike clinics on maintenance and safety. 

Boston Bike Sharing in the LMA
LMA riders will also have convenient access to Boston’s new bike share program – Hubway – when it launches this summer. Hubway is modeled after similar programs in Washington, DC, Montreal, London and Melbourne. Bicyclists will pay a small swipe card fee when they check out a bike, and can return it at any of 61 stations that will be in the city, equipped with 600 bikes. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Colleges of the Fenway and Harvard University are sponsors and will host Hubway stations in the LMA. 

For more information about biking in the LMA contact Matt Grymek, or 617-632-2796.