Focused on Safer Cycling in the LMA

Representatives of the LMA Bike group have discussed with MASCO and its member institutions the need for additional safety measures to protect cyclists from injury as they commute in and around the Longwood Area.

MASCO has a two year plan to study where additional bike lanes, connections to paths and other measures might be feasible.  The plans take into consideration that employee access by bus, walking and bicycling and patient auto and ambulance access are all very important in this medical and academic area. 

  • As part of the first year plan we conducted traffic, bike and pedestrian counts at 12 locations on September 20.  Thanks go out to the LMA Bike community and the Boston Cyclists Union which assisted in getting the word out to volunteers to assist at 6 locations.  A big thank you to the volunteers who received breakfast bagels and training at MASCO prior to venturing out for their count shifts. 
  • The counts will provide baseline data for multimodal studies that will look at the feasibility of additional bike safety accommodations on Longwood Ave. between Chapel St. in Brookline and Binney St. in the LMA.
  • Among the safety improvements to be evaluated are: signal timing, signage, bike boxes, and lane reconfigurations. 

Studies are progressing on several sections of Brookline and Longwood Avenues where we believe action may be possible in the short term by working with city and state property owners to secure design approval and work out actual implementation funding.  Plan review meetings with the public will be coordinated through the public agencies.