Brightening up the LMA is a team effort

Looking good takes a lot of effort.....

However, when you’ve got dedicated and concerned partners, with a little finesse, a lot can be accomplished when prettying up an area with seasonal flowers, plants and bushes.

Hanging baskets on Longwood Avenue

MASCO member institutions have committed just over $145,000 for the next three years to sustain the LMA wide beautification program. The initiative, which has grown over the past 10 years, focuses on enhancing the greater LMA outside space to include flowering hanging plants, green and robust stationary planters and flowering shrubs.

Potted planters along Binney street

“As stewards of the LMA, we’ve renovated public parks, created pocket parks, and planted thousands of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, which help mark the area as a distinctive neighborhood of Boston, and enhance the LMA for the benefit of all who work or visit here,” explained Jan Henderson, as senior planner for MASCO. “We believe that in the long run making the LMA a greener place helps not only to improve the environment, but may help patient and employee health as well.”

Henderson works closely with MASCO’s landscape architect and the vendor to identify hearty, resilient plants and create attractive, colorful flower combinations.

Bright planters along Blackfan Circle