Distracted Commuting = Bad Karma!!

We've all seen it - someone driving while glued to their phone, or perhaps walking down the street and dangerously close to going head first into a pole because he or she is too enthralled in the phone to look up and see what's ahead.

Distracted walking, driving, cycling or skateboarding - you name it the commute mode, is extremely dangerous!

MASCO's next Karma Campaign is focused on reminding people to commute safely and not get distracted by their phones. 

And our prizes are better and even easier to win! Just Tweet us @MASCOLMA with a safety do or don't or a particularly crazy distracted commute story and you could win a $25.00 gift card from Amazon! We will pick two tweeters per month to share their story and win a prize.

We all have to get here - let's do it safely and with courtesy for one another!