Colleges of Fenway See Success With Composting

Last fall several members of the Colleges of the Fenway partnered with Casella Resource Solutions to revamp existing waste and recycling programs by introducing single-stream recycling and back-of-the-house composting.

“We’ve seen our diversion rate increase since we changed and our partnership with Casella has been very supportive, enabling us to reinforce with our audiences the behavior changes we are seeking,” said Sara Smith, operations manager for Simmons College.

 “Not only did Casella present us with a solid plan to make changes to our existing programs, they also worked with us to design consistent signage and messaging to communicate with our audiences,” she added. 

Emmanuel College reports significant behavior change among its students and staff. “We have seen many early successes with both single-stream recycling and composting programs,” said Kristen Zapata, operation manager at Emmanuel College.  “Comparing August – December 2014 to the same period in 2013, we have seen a 38% decrease in our solid waste tonnage, an 80% increase in our recycling rate and have diverted 30,000 pounds of foods waste from landfills.”

“Casella has been working out great for our facilities crew,” said Emily Bergstrom, assistant project manager of facilities for Wheelock College. “They are quick to respond when scheduling pickups, service calls or repairs. The monthly diversion reports they send are also useful to see, and push us to improve our composting numbers,” she added.

“Working with Casella, we revamped our waste minimization program to increase efficiency through equipment improvements such as compactors and wheeled totes, and a more centralized approach to the collection of waste, recycling, and food scraps for composting,” said Robert Ferro, Wentworth Institute of Technology’s director of physical plant. “With Casella’s expertise we engaged the campus community by re-branding the recycling program, simplifying signage, distributing recycling bags printed with ‘do’s and don’ts’ and raising awareness through recycling and compost trainings. When Wentworth students arrived in September, they were given a simple and positive message about recycling, “Wentworth Recycling: Turning Waste Into Resources.”