Clinical Excellence and Patient Comfort at Center of BIDMC’s Newest Building

With a commitment to continuing their reputation of providing exceptional patient care with state of the art technology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will build its first new inpatient building in 20 over years.  

The new, yet unnamed, building will feature the most current and innovative technologies in patient care and comfort that patients and healthcare providers now see as the new normal in inpatient medical care:

  • Single-bedded, family-friendly patient rooms
  • Up to 128 medical-surgical patient rooms, many of which will replace double-bedded rooms elsewhere on BIDMC’s West Campus  
  • 30 intensive care unit (ICU) rooms that will help caregivers support the complex medical needs of the most acute patients and their families
  • Leading-edge surgical suites large enough to accommodate advanced surgical procedures and intraoperative imaging technology and facilitate the training the next generation of clinicians
  • Diagnostic and procedural suites with state-of-the-art equipment that are designed for versatility to handle the most acute patient care needs
  • An accessible, rooftop for the benefit of patients, families and caregivers
  • Conference space with technology that fosters the sharing of innovative scientific and medical knowledge, modern teaching methods, and multidisciplinary teamwork

The building will be adjacent to buildings on BIDMC’s West Campus, and connect to the Rosenberg Building and the bridge to the Farr Building in multiple locations. The location will also facilitate the sharing of clinical support services with existing inpatient programs on the West Campus which will reduce construction costs and operating costs.

According to BIDMC officials the majority of the project will be funded through philanthropic efforts.