Children’s Artwork at Harvard Medical School

Art + Science = Children’s Artwork Display at Harvard Medical School

Bursting with bright colors, deft brush strokes and imaginative composition, a recent display of artwork at Harvard Medical School’s Transit Gallery celebrated the creativity of very young artists – infants to preschoolers -- from the Longwood Medical Child Care Center and the Bright Horizons Family Center at Landmark Center. The artists are the children of LMA employees.

Opened in 2011, The Transit Gallery is located in a busy corridor of Gordon Hall and is part of an interior walkway that connects buildings on the famed Harvard quadrangle. The area serves as both an important thoroughfare and a meeting point for busy students, professors and lab technicians. The children’s artwork added a welcome note of whimsy and a reminder that creativity should be nurtured and celebrated. The display also acknowledges the importance of  supporting working families in the LMA.

The Longwood Medical Area Child Care Center and the Bright Horizon’s Family Center are two onsite childcare options for LMA employees. The idea for the exhibit grew out of a Child Care Summit held by Harvard’s Joint Committee of the Status of Women. Another recommendation from the summit was to enhance the onsite childcare services available for LMA employees with the addition of a family child care network, a network of approved and licensed family child care providers overseen by a qualified vendor. MASCO is working with its member institutions to develop a family child care network that would be available in September 2013.

For more information about MASCO-supported childcare options in the LMA visit