Central Coordination Key to Successful LMA Construction

Cranes, Trucks and Jackhammers

With more than 500,000 square feet under construction and more than 3 million square feet planned for development, coordinating construction projects in the LMA is a crucial service MASCO provides to its members.

“Planning for construction in an urban environment presents challenges, especially in an area that must be open and accessible 24-hours-a-day, 365-days a year,” says Del Mandawe, MASCO’s construction coordinator.  “We work closely with members to coordinate construction plans to avoid traffic congestion and delays and collect information regarding construction project phases and impacts. When issues are anticipated we work to facilitate good solutions for all parties and issue construction coordination advisories to the LMA community,” he added.

Construction Abounds Across 213 Acres of the LMA

“With the multiple construction projects, events and other disruptions around the LMA, it’s great knowing that we can turn to Del who does a great job being the conduit to share all the institutions’ information to make planning easier,” said Lani Kuzia, planning and construction coordinator for Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“With just about every LMA institution managing some type of construction, whether it be internal remodeling or ground up construction, the density of our neighborhood presents many challenges,” Kuzia added. “Right now we are in the middle of constructing our Brigham Building for the Future, a 14-story building on the former Mass Mental Health site, adding 680,000 square feet of research and clinical space and a 406-space underground garage. A project this large requires hundreds of workers and thousands of deliveries as well as difficult road closures and traffic mitigation. MASCO is always at the ready to help whenever we need to augment our coordination.” Brigham Building for the Future started construction in May 2013 and will continue for 3 years.

“MASCO has been a great community partner to MassArt, particularly around construction coordination,” said Jamieson Wicks, MassArt’s assistant director of environmental health and safety.  MASCO has worked closely with the MassArt Facilities Department to coordinate and install new benches as well as new recycling and trash receptacles on campus. MASCO’s central construction coordination work keeps us coordinated with other area institutions construction activities as well as informing them of our own. Del has been a great help in advocating for street and sidewalk repair with the City of Boston,” he added.

You can view a full report of construction in the LMA here.