Celebrating 10,000 Committed Commuters!

Celebrating 10,000 Committed Commuters!

Whether you’re a devoted member of MASCO’s CommuteFit Program, an occasional user of our Emergency Ride Home Program, or a newly indoctrinated fan of our popular CommuteSwap program, you’re in excellent company! As of August 2018, 10,000 LMA commuters have participated in one of our CommuteWorks Programs.

Dedicated LMA Cyclists Celebrate Massachusetts Bike Week with CommuteWorks

MASCO’s CommuteWorks offers a number of different incentive programs to encourage commuters to get out of their cars and switch up their commute mode. With CommuteFit's “Workout to Work,” commuters get up to $45 per month in reimbursement for transit charges for bad weather days enrollment in CommuteFit, with a chance to win a monthly raffle, use of CommuteWorks’ Emergency Ride Home Program and 2 free offsite parking vouchers per month for either the Kenmore or Wentworth Parking Lot. 

Daniel from Boston Children's Hospital says: “CommuteSwap allowed me to explore different commuting options. I decided after trying the T to switch to biking and I couldn’t be happier. If you normally drive to work, definitely consider trying CommuteSwap!”

CommuteWorks is a free benefit for employees of MASCO member institutions that aims to make commutes as stress free and efficient as possible.  As the Transportation Management Association for the LMA, CommuteWorks helps employees and students better plan their commutes with information about MBTA, ridesharing, shuttle, walking and cycling options.

For Ramya from DFCI, CommuteFit keeps her motivated. “CommuteFit helps me to spend more time walking or biking. In a world where we end up staying within air-conditioned rooms and vehicles through most of the day, walking and biking gives me access to natural air and helps me clear my head.”

What’s keeping you from joining 10,000 happy and fit commuters?

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