Ballot Question #1 and Your Commute

Be informed.

Regardless of your mode of transit, whether it’s cycling, driving, or public transportation, there’s a question on November’s ballot that will affect the way in which you commute safely.

Ballot Question #1 seeks to repeal the law indexing the gas tax to inflation (equal to half a cent/gallon in the first year).

Indexing was passed as part of the 2013 Transportation Finance Act which addressed a $2 billion transportation need with only an $800 million funding package.
Indexing the gas tax stabilizes it as a dedicated revenue source for transportation. In this case, the term “transportation” is used broadly to include roads, bridges and public transit.

Currently in Massachusetts, 27 bridges are closed because they have been deemed unsafe, and another 447 can only carry reduced traffic loads. One in five of our major roadways is classified in poor condition, a factor in 1/3 of all traffic fatalities in Massachusetts.

A YES vote on Question 1 to repeal indexing etc. would mean:

  • Loss of $1 billion in transportation funding over the next 10 years
  • Increased roadway and public transit congestion and unreliability
  • Lack of investment in bicycling and other transportation modes.

A NO vote on Question 1 to maintain indexing etc. would mean:

  • Continued sufficient funding for public transit, critical service improvements and roadway maintenance
  • Riders of buses, subways and trains will have more dependable transportation with improvements that are tied to existing funding.

Supporters of "Vote No On 1" include the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, Massachusetts AFL-CIO, and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. A full list of endorsers can be seen here