Adding a Touch of Nature’s Beauty to the LMA

MASCO, with support from LMA neighbors Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, spent the better part of the spring on beautifying the Binney Street area. “Our goal has always been to improve the pedestrian experience for employees and visitors,  create a better urban environment and improve connections between institutions,” explained MASCO Planner Jan Henderson.


Flower pots adorn tall light poles in the LMA

The project includes augmenting the existing pocket parks, including the James Mandell Park at Children’s, the ‘Jimmy and Dr. Farber’ statue area at Dana Farber, and Brigham’s Binney Park by adding 11 planters with grasses and seasonal flowers to tie these elements together visually, soften the streetscape, and create a sense of identity.  The Binney Beautification Plan also includes 12 new shrubs, additional perennials in the planting beds, and four small flowering trees.  The new design will make Binney Park a more sociable space, create more bicycle parking at Children’s, and will increase safety in front of the Brigham loading dock with a new crosswalk.

MASCO also spends a great deal of time prettying up the area throughout the LMA by planting grasses and flowers, hanging pots from signposts and replacing area outdoor furniture to create comfortable spaces for pedestrians to rest while walking through our busy neighborhood. So be sure to stop along the way, smell the flowers and be sure to look up, too!  

 A small park on Binney is brightened with flowering trees and Hosta.