June 19, 2018: MASCO Releases Newest Numbers of Workforce Powerhouse

Just about every three years, MASCO staff release the latest economic impact numbers as they are reported by our members. 

Growth of the LMA, here in our city-wide 213 acres and beyond into the region, continues to swell.

Some facts:

  • There are 57,000 employees in the LMA. 
  • 29,000 students, of which 64% remain in Massachusetts after graduation.
  • We treat 2.3 million patients annually.
  • We attract more than $3.1 BILLION in research monies through the NIH and other private and industry funding.
  • Our hospitals contribute $177 million in state community benefits, with $13 million to Boston programs alone. 
  • Our schools of higher education provide $194 million in scholarships.

These are astounding numbers for the LMA and they only continue to rise. You can view our most recent fact book here (attached as a PDF) or request a hard copy here.