August 17, 2017: It's Open!

The BU Bridge has reopened much to the relief of wary commuters.

Please note that some work will continue on the bridge through September 2017.  The following impacts are necessary for the contractor to carry out finishing work on sidewalks, curb setting, final paving, fencing, and utilities:

  • Short-term and periodic lane reductions on I-90 during overnight hours in the vicinity of the bridge.
  • Off-peak lane reductions on Commonwealth Avenue in the vicinity of the bridge.
  • BU Bridge will remain open to all vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic during this time.
  • A minor pedestrian detour near the bridge due to work on sidewalks (eastbound pedestrians will use the westbound sidewalk between Mountfort/Essex Street and Carlton Street). See Pedestrian Detour Map.
  • Eastbound bicyclists will use a shared lane approaching Mountfort/Essex Street and a temporary bike lane approaching Carlton Street (no bike detours). See Bicycle Route Map

More information is also available here: