October 10, 2013: And The Winners Are.....

After seven months and more than 2,050 signed pledges, we pulled the names for the winners of the Karma Commuting Campaign.

Harvard Medical School's Senior Grant Manager Ashley Congdon won one of the $100.00 Visa gift cards. 

"It's so nice to be recognized for my safe commuting habits," said Ashley. "The campaign was a really great service to the LMA," she added.  Ashley plans to use the money to treat her husband to golf this weekend.

Emmanuel College's Senior Art Studio Manager Yushiko Suga is the winner of the second $100.00 Visa gift card.

And now, for the grand finale....the two round-trip domestic airline tickets go to.....

Tiffany Burnell from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute!

"This is such a nice treat," said Tiffany. "I just moved to Boston last year, and the campaign was really informative," she added. Tiffany hopes to use one of her tickets to fly her mom home for the holidays.

As employees and students commuting to the LMA we compete on a daily basis for scarce road and sidewalk space to find the fastest way to work or class. Every pedestrian, driver and cyclist fulfills an important role in this community and the Karma Commuting campaign serves as a reminder that when we all follow the rules, everyone gets to their destination more safely and faster. What goes around, comes around.

Coinciding with the introduction of bike lanes to the LMA, Karma Commuting was designed to educate and inspire LMA commuters to create good karma by acting responsibly in traffic and watching out for their fellow community members.

Winners were selected by a random number generator.

Congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone who signed our pledge.

Keep and eye out for Karma Commuting Phase II, where the prizes for participation will be even greater!