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Who Are We?

The LMA Shuttles are a shuttle service serving institutions in the Longwood Medical and Academic Area of Boston, Massachusetts. The LMA Shuttles are run by MASCO, a non-profit organization serving 22 members and associate member institutions.

Who Can Ride?
Any employee or student of a MASCO member institution can ride the shuttles with a valid ID from their institution.

However, the M2/Landmark and Chestnut Hill shuttles require additional credentials (see below):

  • The M2 Cambridge-HMS & Landmark shuttles require a valid Harvard ID to ride. For the M2, a person with a non-Harvard ID may purchase a single-ride ticket purchased in advance.
  • The Chestnut Hill Lot shuttle requires you to be a registered and credentialed parker at the Shops at Chestnut Hill parking garage.

How To Ride?
If you are part of a MASCO member institution, simply show your ID from that institution to gain entry onto our shuttles. (Please note the exceptions bulleted above.)

All people riding the MASCO shuttles have the right to expect safe and reliable services. MASCO strives to make sure high-quality transportation is consistently provided. 

How To Contact us:
If you have any questions or concerns about the MASCO Shuttles, please click here to submit a Shuttle Feedback Form or give us a call at 617-632-2800.