Vanpool FAQ

Have questions about vanpool commuting? We have answers!

Are you a good vanpool candidate? If you live a farther distance (15+ miles) from the LMA, work a fixed schedule, and are tired of driving by yourself, vanpooling may be a good option for you.
How many travelers in a vanpool?
Usually 7-13. Keep in mind that every additional passenger helps further reduce monthly costs.

Do I need a van? No! Vanpool vehicles are leased through a vendor; they calculate your anticipated monthly expenses based on distance and locations traveled, and split the cost evenly among riders.

Are all vans created equal (in size)? No! The vehicle will be appropriately sized to the group; many are really SUV-style vehicles, and some companies can offer higher-end models with individual climate control and extra comfy seating.

Do I have to park the van in my driveway? Not if you don’t want to! Vanpools usually originate from a central location like a Park-and-Ride lot, but the group decides what works best.

Do I have to drive? No! You do not have to be a driver; however, if you do register as a driver, there are often additional benefits. Some vanpool drivers may have their monthly lease costs paid for as a thank-you, and CommuteWorks offers an additional incentive of $250 in gas cards for your own use or to defray your monthly portion of the vanpool gas costs.

What if I don’t know enough other people to create a vanpool? Let us help you! There are several great companies waiting to get you started on a new, low-stress, cost-efficient commute.