NEW - Lyft Programs

                                             Lyft to Longwood
CommuteWorks and Lyft are collaborating to bring employees three new pilot incentive programs in an effort to reduce congestion and make your commute more efficient in the LMA. The programs are in effect for approximately six months and the incentives are in effect for the first three. Read more about the pilot programs below.

CommuteLine - If you live within 10 miles of the Longwood Area and drive to work alone, consider trying the new CommuteLine program. While you are enrolled, you will use Lyft Line to arrange a ride with a new driver to and from work each day, potentially being paired with a neighbor who also works in the Longwood Area. Sharing your commute to work can significantly reduce your monthly travel costs. This program will give you a chance to try out ridesharing. Once you enroll and put your parking space on hold, CommuteWorks will help offset your commuting costs with $40 in Lyft credits per month for up to 3 months. Once you complete the program, you can decide whether you want to continue or return to your old commute. 

Source: Lyft

CommuteFlex - This new program is geared for people who would like to save money by sharing their commute to work but are worried that they will have to sacrifice their flexibility. Once you've found someone to share your commute with, CommuteWorks will give you five near-site parking passes and credit for four Lyft rides per month. You can use these on the days you need some added flexibility, whether that's because you need to leave work early or your regular driver is sick. Register online first. Then, CommuteWorks will provide the designated point person, on behalf of all members sharing the ride, with 4 Lyft ride credits up to $20 per ride. This means over the three month incentive period, in addition to the five near-site parking passes per month, the group can earn up to 12 Lyft ride credits with a total value up to $240.  

Source: Lyft

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)- Lyft services are now an option for the CommuteWorks Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program in addition to our ERH by taxis. If you are an employee of a MASCO member institution who walks, bikes, carpools, vanpools, or takes public transit, the ERH provides you a convenient way to get home in the case of a personal or family emergency. 

Just like the current ERH program, you need to register online first. Then, we will send you a packet of information about how to use the program, terms and conditions, etc. After that, if you need an Emergency Ride Home, call CommuteWorks at 617-632-2796, and we will book the Lyft or taxi ride for you. If booking through Lyft, you can track your ride using the Lyft mobile app or if you don't have the app, we can text or call you with your Lyft ride information. To learn more, go to the attachments at the bottom of the page. 

Questions? See the documents below for additional resources including program summaries, procedures, and more. Please contact CommuteWorks at or call us at 617-632-2796.