New Longwood Ave Bike Lanes & Markings

*** UPDATE AS OF 08/02/2018 ***

As of this morning, the City of Boston has completed the repaving and restriping work on the first phase of the Longwood Ave project stretching from Blackfan Circle to Huntington Avenue.  The second and final phase of repaving and restriping work between the Riverway and Blackfan Circle is expected to begin Sunday, August 5th and be completed by Saturday, August 11th.  The majority of the work will occur on weekends or overnight between 7:00 PM and 4:00 AM each day. For detailed information on the roadway construction, please visit the MASCO Construction Coordination website:
This summer 1/2 mile of new bike lanes and other safety features will be installed along Longwood Avenue in some areas. Cyclists will have dedicated space to ride their bikes and there will be safer crossings for pedestrians. The improvements will increase visibility of pedestrians and bicyclists by motorists and help reduce conflicts. No matter how you get around, we believe that the coming changes will make your travels safer. 

See these pages for when you are biking, walking, or driving!

Click on the attachment below for a full plan of proposed changes.