375 Longwood

375 Longwood Garage
The 375 Longwood Garage offers parking for employees of the LMA institutions listed below and daily parking to the general public. Located on Longwood Avenue between Brookline Avenue and the Riverway, the garage is within walking distance of LMA hospitals and institutions. This garage provides clearance for vehicles up to 6’6.” Monthly employee parking at 375 Longwood is offered through the employee parking offices of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Children’s Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Joslin Diabetes Center. Employees of these institutions should check with their parking office for information on availability of this facility.

Institution Parking Office Contacts

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Courtesy Services
A number of courtesy services are offered at the 375 Longwood Garage. These include: flat-tire and jump start assistance, self-service windshield cleaning on every level, and for monthly parkers, Books-To-Go on tape or CD. Car washing and cleaning services are offered on Tuesday and Friday starting at 7 am, on level P1. Free parking is extended for full detail services. Please contact CarCare at 617-277-7400 for rate and other information.

Bicycle racks are located just outside the garage entrance as well as near the exit of the 15-minute loop.

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