Wentworth Detour & Pilot Shuttle

As MASCO continues to monitor ridership levels and maintain proper social distancing, we will be adding service to key areas experiencing high ridership.

EFFECTIVE: Wednesday, June 24th 2020

In order to help mitigate higher ridership levels on the JFK/Wentworth PM shuttle, MASCO will be launching a pilot shuttle for the Wentworth PM.

All normal JFK/Wentworth PM trips will still operate normally, but there will now be an additional shuttle that operates and provides service to Wentworth only. This shuttle will operate between the hours of 2:45PM and 6:10PM. For more information, such as schedule and map, please click here

This pilot shuttle will typically be operated by a white Paul Revere bus, and will typically not appear on the TransLoc tracker.

All Wentworth Parkers are encouraged to use the new Wentworth Pilot shuttle if their schedule allows.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to at https://shuttlesupport.masco.harvard.edu/


Due to construction by BWS that will close Station St for the next several weeks the Wentworth Lot bus stop on Halleck will not be serviced.

During the AM, passengers should board the shuttle on Parker St. at the intersection of Prentiss next to the lot. There is access through the fencing at that area from the lot.

During the MID, passengers should board the shuttle on Prentiss at the intersection of Halleck, at the same location where passengers get on and off during the PM.