MASCO Shuttle Update 8-1-21

MASCO Shuttle Route Updates: (effective August 1, 2021)

As MASCO shuttles continue to normalize, we will be making adjustments to the shuttle schedules that both return service to pre-COVID levels, and improve routes based on new transportation and health data. While many changes are based on current ridership trends, we are still monitoring ridership very closely as well as new information as it relates to COVID case positivity rates in Massachusetts.

While each route is different, system-wide ridership has increased to about 60% of normal MASCO seasonally adjusted ridership levels. 

With that in mind, effective August 1, 2021, there will be several changes to the MASCO routes.

  • The M2: Returns to normal, full service.
  • Wentworth PM: Parkers may now use the JFK shuttle for PM service or the Wentworth Pilot.
    • Trips on the Wentworth PM Pilot are being scaled back, BUT the total number of trips on the Pilot shuttle plus the JFK-WW PM shuttle exceed all past service levels for this route.
  • JFK PM: As noted above, the Wentworth PM is being recombined with the JFK PM to become the JFK-WW PM. This means stops near Wentworth will now be serviced via Ward Street instead of Ruggles St. Travel times via Ward are virtually identical to Ruggles.
  • Ruggles AM & PM: Slight modification to their run times, but overall service levels are very similar.

Below you can find the shuttle schedules that are being updated effective August 1, 2021. All other MASCO shuttle schedules remain the same. 

As a reminder, the M2 will operate on a Summer Schedule until Labor Day.. 

The M2 Summer Schedule is the same as the regular schedule, with the exception that there is no Saturday service, and the Weekday service ends at 10:30 PM rather than 11:30 PM.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please feel free to reach out to us at the Shuttle Feedback Form.

M2 - Vanderbilt - Weekday (Effective 8-1-21)
M2 - Cambridge - Weekday (Effective 8-1-21)

JFK-Wentworth - PM (Effective 8-1-21)

Ruggles - AM (Effective 8-1-21)
Ruggles - PM - BWH (Effective 8-1-21)
Ruggles - PM - BIDMC (Effective 8-1-21)

Wentworth Pilot PM (Effective 8-1-21)