MASCO Shuttle Service Update 8-31-20

Due to COVID-19, MASCO has made a number of modifications to the shuttle service to meet the changing needs of our members. Effective August 31st 2020, we will be making another round of changes. These changes will primarily impact the Ruggles AM, Ruggles PM, JFK PM, Wentworth PM Pilot, and the M2. Additionally, there have been other modifications over the past six months which are also noted below for your reference.

August 31st 2020 Route Updates

Ruggles AM – Shuttles will depart every 4-5 minutes during the AM rush hour rather than every 6-8 minutes.

New Ruggles AM Schedule

Ruggles PM – Both the BIDMC and BWH Ruggles Shuttles will each have more service. The frequency on both routes remains every 5-10 minutes, with 5 minute frequencies occurring more often than previously.

New Ruggles BWH PM Schedule

New Ruggles BIDMC PM Schedule

JFK PM - Will no longer service the Wentworth Lot, increasing space available for JFK/Andrew riders. After 8PM, JFK PM will also drop at the Wentworth Lot.

New JFK PM Schedule

Wentworth PM Pilot - Will increase from 1 bus operating once every 25-30 minutes to 2 buses, providing 10-15 minute service. This frequency level is effectively the same as what the Wentworth has in the AM and previously had when combined with the JFK PM. After 8PM, Wentworth Lot riders may board the JFK PM shuttle.

New Wentworth PM Pilot Schedule

M2 - Service is increasing from a bus every 30 minutes to a bus every 20 minutes during peak periods. Normal Mid-Day and Evening service.

New M2 Schedule

JFK AM - Schedule will remain the same, but additional shuttles will be made available to help with high capacity trips.


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