MASCO Shuttle Coronavirus information

MASCO has worked hard over the last five months to maintain the best service possible.  All routes and schedules remain essentially the same with some modifications and enhancements to provide the best opportunities for social distancing and safety.  Ridership is being closely monitored each day for areas needing alteration. As of August 20th, ridership on the MASCO shuttles is approximately 45-50% of pre-COVID ridership.

During this difficult time, we remain committed to providing the best service possible and have taken/are taking the following actions:

  • Using larger vehicles in certain areas where possible to allow for more distance between people.
  • Requiring masks for all passengers and drivers at all times while on MASCO vehicles.
  • Limiting capacity to 25 passengers on large vehicles and of 10 passengers in smaller vehicles.
    • Should more passengers attempt to board than the capacity allows, the driver may ask a rider to wait for the next vehicle. If a person has already boarded who exceeds capacity, the driver may ask that person to disembark and wait for the next shuttle.
  • Marking off seats to note where passengers may sit to leave sufficient space between people.  Additionally, stickers are placed on the floor noting where standees may stand while capacities are decreased.
  • Mounting hand sanitizer stations at the rear door of vehicles.
  • Enhancing cleaning by doing a mid-day wipe down of all high touchpoint areas on every vehicle before returning to PM service on top of the nightly deep clean of every vehicle.
  • Increasing ventilation when weather permits allowing drivers to open windows and roof hatches increasing airflow in the vehicles.
  • Expanding locations with supervisors present at crucial boarding locations to assist drivers and passengers during this time. They will monitor passenger levels, assist with mask compliance, and help the drivers determine when they have reached their capacity.

For questions, concerns, or general feedback, reach out to us here: