M2 Cambridge-HMS Route Information

  1. Thursday August 17th, regular Coolidge Corner service will resume. The Coolidge Corner Comm. Ave. Bridge detour will end and the route will continue on to Cambridge as it normally does.
  2. The M2 detour implemented for this project will continue due to the improved travel times, better on-time performance, elimination of multiple detours in place depending on the time of day and to keep the routes/stops more consistent .  This simpler route has made our rides better and been well received by the passengers. 

Effectively immediately we will be replacing the old M2 direction of travel with the method we used during the Comm Ave. Bridge project.

  • When heading Southbound into the LMA, the M2 will travel along Beacon to Brookline, then turn on to Avenue of Louis Pasteur via Fenway.
  • When heading Northbound out of the LMA, it will travel along Avenue of Louis Pasteur to Fenway, using Comm Ave. before turning onto Mass Ave.
  • The Cambridge side of the route is unaffected by this change.

All schedules will remain the same. Below you will find a map of the M2’s route of travel through the LMA.