LMA Family Childcare


LMA Family Childcare Network
A program of the Longwood Institutions


Linking families and family child care Providers

How did the LMA Family Childcare Network develop?

In early 2011, MASCO member institution Harvard Medical School held a childcare summit focused on the needs of the LMA community. One of the outcomes centered on the desire for an easily accessible home-based childcare setting to augment the traditional center-based programs already being offered.

After assembling a team of LMA institutional representatives, childcare experts, and MASCO personnel, the newly formed Family Childcare Committee launched a yearlong research and planning phase. Based on the committee’s findings, and a proposed plan for implementation of the project, now called the LMA Family Childcare Network, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was distributed to organizations with in-depth experience in organizing and vetting quality providers. The well-respected Nurtury (formerly Associated Early Care and Education) was selected to operate the network. The LMA Family Childcare Committee and Nurtury worked tirelessly to launch a family childcare network that meets and exceeds your expectations.

What are the advantages of being part of the LMA Family Childcare Network?

Being part of the Family Childcare Network gives LMA Member Institution employees access to an already vetted, qualified and locally accessible group of family childcare providers. This saves parents' time and effort in searching for quality care, gives them comfort and assurance that their children’s care is being monitored, and allows them to focus on their LMA based work. Institutions may have the confidence that a reliable and committed childcare resource is supporting their employees’ efforts.

How do Providers get selected?

Providing childcare in your home in Massachusetts has basic requirements that focus on safety, programming, and personal history; however this system does not ensure the high quality we believe all children deserve. The LMA Family Childcare Network developed a set of its own criteria to measure providers suitability centered on four main areas: ability to meet local, state and national licensing and care standards; the opportunity for accreditation through local and national organizations; the provider’s background in training, education, safety and service; and, proximity to the LMA Institutions and surrounding towns. Our collaborator, Nurtury, continues to identify providers that met, or in many cases, exceed our requirements. This is accomplished through home visits, interviews, background and reference checks, and documentation reviews. Each participating provider is required to agree to both Nurtury and the LMA Family Childcare Network requirements. In addition, each provider is subject to a rigorous list of annual requirements including child development education and training, home inspections, CORI, and accreditation advancement to remain on the list.

How does the LMA Family Childcare Network system work?

If you are an employee of an LMA Institution who is participating in the Family Childcare Network, you are invited to explore the network by completing the Application for Enrollment.  The Application for Enrollment is available on the MASCO website and through your institution. Once you complete and submit this form to Nurtury, you will be contacted by a member of the Nurtury team to discuss your needs and the availability of family childcare network provider homes.  Nurtury will contact families that match provider openings and provide referrals to those families to schedule home visits. After you complete your home visit(s), meet the Provider(s) and explore the opportunities for your child, you and the Provider will have 48 hours to decide if it is a good match and then complete the Provider's Parent Contract and leave a deposit if applicable. If everyone is agreed, Nurtury will move you quickly through the registration process to get you and your child ready for their first day.