Construction Activity Reporting

MASCO sends out advisories to its members and the larger LMA community regarding the impacts of construction projects or events that impede traffic and access in the LMA.

For any activity at your institution that has an impact on roadways or sidewalks please download and complete the form below and email it back to us at at least 48 hours in advance.  For weekend and Monday morning activities, please notify us by close of business on the Wednesday preceding the event.  We will work with you in the event that unanticipated emergency work is not able to meet these requirements.  Follow the instructions on the form and be as descriptive as possible.  Include any other documents (such as maps) you would like us to distribute in pdf form.  We will assist in coordinating your activities in advance with abutters and others in the LMA community.  Any operation that requires BTD approval must be permitted by the city prior to us distributing an advisory.  To discuss more complex projects, please call us directly at (617) 935-9420 or (617) 632-2771 in addition to completing the form.

Download Construction Advisory Reporting Form


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