Company Focus:
The company has developed a series of reagents that stabilize biomolecules such that they can be stored and shipped at ambient temperatures and eliminate the need for the cold chain. 

MASCO Partner since: 2012
5627 Oberlin Drive
Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92121
Andrew Lord

To order product, please call 1-866-379-6879 and reference MASCO preferred discounts when ordering.

Company Profile: Founded in 2004, Biomatrica’s vision is to be the global leader in biostability by providing innovative tools to enhance and stabilize biological samples and assays at room temperature used in every laboratory worldwide. This is accomplished through development of technologies and products that rapidly advance research while increasing confidence and efficiency, adding convenience, and reducing cost. Wide spread adoption of Biomatrica’s room temperature stabilization technology will revolutionize current sample storage practices that rely exclusively on energy-consuming cold storage environments. Biomatrica strives to create eco-friendly products and services that are accessible and affordable to the global research and healthcare communities.

Product Portfolio Overview: 

  • Pre-Analytics Products
    This represents our GARD family of products and consists of solutions that stabilize DNA in blood, tissue, cells, saliva and biopsy material. In the near term, a product for stabilization of RNA in blood is in development and will soon be available.
  • Stability Products
  • This represents our STABLE family of products and includes compounds that stabilize purified DNA and RNA, unpurified bacterial DNA and DNA in whole blood/buffy coat.
  • Enhancers for Diagnostics and Assays
  • This represents products that improve difficult to perform PCR and STR reactions.
  • Future Developments
  • Technology is in development to address additional molecules such as proteins, bacteria and viruses—please monitor our website for future developments.