Building a Greener LMA

Building a Greener LMA

Long a hub of healthcare, academics and scientific research, the LMA also boasts one of the largest concentrations of green building in Boston:

• 15 LEED certified/certifiable buildings and 6 more under construction or pending certification:
• 4 green roofs
• 3 green roof parks or campus quads
• 31 high albedo (white) roofs

LMA colleges, hospitals and businesses are committed to more sustainable practices, and their work has won city, state and national recognition. MASCO members are greening health care, building, dining, business, waste management, transportation and energy use. MASCO is furthering the institutional sustainability efforts by facilitating collaboration and information sharing about best practices. Through collaboration, LMA organizations are harnessing the unique strengths of health care, research, academic, cultural and religious organizations to make the area a model of environmental stewardship and leadership. MASCO’s sustainability e-newsletter, Green@LMA, highlights the many impressive programs in the LMA. Subscribe now.

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