Shuttle Information

MASCO’s transportation department helps LMA employees travel to and around the LMA. Together with our transportation service vendor Paul Revere Transportation, we provide shuttle services from area public transit stops and off-site parking facilities to the LMA. We also provide inter-office shuttle services between members’ main campus locations and offsite offices. We transport nearly 12,500 riders each day over ten different routes, using a fleet of 37 vehicles.

Four types of shuttle services are available:

  • Commuter Shuttles from JFK/UMass and Ruggles Station provide frequent and direct LMA service for MBTA Red Line, Orange Line, and commuter rail passengers during the morning and afternoon rush-hour, as well as midday service.
  • The M2 Cambridge Shuttle carries people between Harvard Square and the LMA via Massachusetts Avenue.
  • MASCO’s Park-and-Ride Shuttle Program serves LMA employees who park in one of our satellite parking locations in the Fenway, Mission Hill, Chestnut Hill, and Crosstown.
  • Inter-office Shuttles operate between Landmark Center and the Harvard School of Public Health main campus on a regular weekday basis (HSPH Landmark Shuttle), and between members’ offices in the Fenway and their main LMA campuses (Fenway Combined Shuttle).

All of our shuttles (with the exception of the HSPH Landmark Shuttle) are equipped with GPS equipment that allows riders to get real-time bus information on their desktop computer or hand-held devices. For details on this service, see the Shuttle Locator page. 


LMA Shuttles

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