Karma Commuting — What Goes Around Comes Around

Contest starts July 15th!  

As employees and students commuting to the LMA we compete on a daily basis for scarce road and sidewalk space to find the fastest way to work or class. Every pedestrian, driver and cyclist fulfills an important role in this community and the Karma Commuting campaign serves as a reminder that when we all follow the rules, everyone gets to their destination more safely and faster. What goes around, comes around.

We are pleased to launch the Karma Commuting Phase II Campaign. For the next year, we will run our "Show and Tell" Contest for employees of all MASCO member institutions. Click the link above for all you need to know to "Show and Tell" us all about good, bad or otherwise questionable commuting habits!


Karma Commuting

Be a safe commuter!

Karma Commuting - What goes around comes around

Karma Commuting Stories

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Enter Karma Commuting’s newest contest and you could win an iPad, FitBit, or Airline Tickets. Click the picture for details.